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Why Is The Bird On The Cake?

Welcome to my brand new blog! I have been blogging for 3 years over at Tales from Tangerine. I decided to keep that blog for my family adventures, and create this blog just for my cake adventures. That way, my family won't be bored by my cakes and you cake lovers won't be bored by my family stories. Now to explain the name of this blog...

I love birds! This may be due to the fact that I share my name with a certain red-breasted bird. Maybe not. But I am one of those people who think "putting a bird on it" will immediately triple the awesomeness of anything.

I love cake! Yummy deliciousness...what is there not to love? I love to try new recipes and new decorating techniques. Cake is like my canvas, and I love all the creative possibilities.

So what happens when you put a bird on a cake?

Epic Awesomeness. 

So stay tuned for lots more cake!
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