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Fashion designers, get on this: Adorable cupcake high heels I'd wear if they came as actual shoes, plus more Halloween cupcakes

It's been a while since we've posted cupcake high heels, and these heels by Cupcakes by M.E., which makes custom cupcakes in Central Pennsylvania, are all so adorable I'd wear them if they were real! All via their Facebook page, and do also check out their cupcake flavor list. Here are just a few as a teaser:

Strawberry Covered Chocolate - Chocolate cake filled with chopped fresh strawberries and topped with strawberry buttercream made with fresh strawberries.
Chocolate Raspberry - Chocolate cake topped with raspberry buttercream, made with fresh raspberries.
Peppermint Pattie - Brownie cupcake with a York peppermint pattie baked inside, topped with peppermint buttercream.
Mint Chocolate Chip - Chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream and half a mint cookie.
Jello Shot - Yellow cake with a jello-rum glaze and rum infused whipped cream frosting. (Also available non-alcoholic.)
Pina Colada - Pineapple coconut cake topped with a pineapple glaze and toasted coconut.
Hot Cocoa - Chocolate cake with marshmallow whipped cream frosting and topped with chocolate shavings and a mini Pirouette cookie.
Gingerbread - Gingerbread cake with orange cream cheese frosting.
Pumpkin Spice - Pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting.
Zucchini Spice - Zucchini spice cake made with fresh zucchini, brown sugar cream cheese frosting.
Ice Cream Cupcake - Made with any combination of cake, ice cream and frosting you'd like!
Contact Cupcakes by M.E. at 717-421-8974.

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