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Chick Cupcakes for an Easter Extravaganza!

Today I am joining up with a group of fabulous food bloggers
to bring you some creative Easter ideas.
Big thanks go to Hani at Haniela's for organizing this Easter Extravaganza!
(She makes the most amazing cookies EVER! Seriously.)

You should really check out all the awesomeness at the end of this post
...I am just so impressed!
I'm bringing these Chick Cupcakes to the party.
I've decided they are my absolute favorite cupcakes of all time,
because they are just SO stinkin' cute!!   

Want to make some super adorable chick cupcakes?

What You Need:
A batch of cupcakes
Frosting: yellow, orange and white
Yellow sanding sugar
Decorating bags
Decorating tips: Wilton #102 (petal) and #2 (small round)
Mini chocolate chips

Put some sanding sugar in a small bowl or plate.
Spread a layer of thick frosting on your cupcake and smooth the top.
Turn the cupcake upside down and press into the sugar until it is completely covered.

Press two chocolate chips into the cupcake for eyes.

Using tip #102, pipe some ruffly wings on each side.

Spoon some sugar over the wings, then shake off the excess.
Using orange frosting and tip #2, pipe a triangle beak and little feet at the bottom.

Using white frosting, pipe a tiny dot on each eye.

He's almost too cute to eat! :0)

Happy Easter!

Check out all these amazing Easter creations...
beautiful, yummy and fun too!
You can click on a photo, or on the links below. 

3D Easter Bunny by Marielle - De Koekenbakkers
Chick Cupcakes by Robin - Bird On A Cake
Mrs. Bunny Centerpiece by Myriam - Chapix Cookies
Cheesecake Easter Eggs by Beth - Hungry Happenings
Cho "Bunny" Greek Yogurt Pops by Jill - Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons
Hidden Easter Eggs by Stephanie - Ellie's Bites
Easter Egg Cupcakes by Liz - Hoosier Homemade
Easter Treat Pouches by Elena - Just Me
Mini Meringue Cake by Karyn - Pint Sized Baker
Bunny Cake by Kathia - Pink Little Cake
Easter Gumball Machine by Marlyn - Montreal Confections
Easter Island by Laura - A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe
Easter Bunny Sandwich by Michelle - Creative Food
Bunny Garland by Sue - Munchkin Munchies
Egg Hunt Pound Cake by Jennifer - Not Your Momma's Cookie
Dutch Easter Egg by Lorraine - Lorraine's Cookies
Easter Egg Painting Chicks by Mike - Semi Sweet
Easter Basket Cookies by Amber - Sweet Ambs Cookies
The Carrot Patch Cake by Kim - The Partiologist
Cookie Bunny Pop by Meaghan - The Decorated Cookie
Pretzel Bunnies by Sarah - Miss CandiQuik
I, Robot Egg Cookie by Hani - Haniela's

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