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I almost didn't get the strawberry cheesecake cupcake from Southern Cake Queen, which would have been a mistake

I feel I must credit the chain that led me to Southern Cake Queen, since they weren't on my short list of cupcake places I'd wanted to try during my brief visit to Charlotte, North Carolina. But I found an article in Charlotte magazine about grilled cheese which mentioned Papi Queso Truck. Turns out they were part of a Friday night food truck gathering and so after my delicious grilled cheese, for dessert (and after a walk back to my hotel) I sampled the 4 cupcakes I bought for $10.

I'd been planning to only get 3, Choco Delight, True Love (lemon) and banana split, but decided to take a chance on strawberries cheesecake. That one turned out to be my favorite! The cake was like angel food cake, perfectly light and sweet and every aspect of this cupcake had the strawberries and cream combination down. I was scared away by the "cheesecake" in the name but as a non-fan of cheesecake, I can say that this didn't taste cheesecakey to me. I totally forgot the frosting was cream cheese because it mixed so well with the strawberry flavor. The lemon cake was similar but lemon flavored, with a good mix of tart and sweet in the frosting and gooey lemon part on top. I liked all the cupcakes, with high praise for the cake and the way the flavors worked together. The banana split cupcake was artfully done and the extras made it a delicious cupcake. I also like their fun cupcake wrappers. I'd definitely try Southern Cake Queen again; they're a dessert truck, so find out where they'll be next via @southerncake on Twitter and their Facebook page or their website. Contact them at Southerncakequeen at or 704-287-8314.

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