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Rainbow Petal Cake {Virtual Baby Shower!}

I had a lot of fun making this cake,
because it is for a very special occasion...
a Virtual Baby Shower for the fabulous Meaghan 
from The Decorated Cookie & Edible Crafts!

Meaghan just welcomed her darling baby girl, Violet, into the family.
I'm excited to be included in a group of creative bloggers that are celebrating
with lots of RAINBOW treats!

Meaghan is seriously awesome!
First of all, she is amazingly creative. 
She's all famous and stuff (have you seen her cookbook, Sugarlicious?)
and she has been so encouraging and sweet to me!

She was one of the first bloggers to feature one of my cakes,
and I was so thrilled that she liked something I made! Little old ME!

Don't you love rainbows? I sure do!
Have you seen my Rainbow Tie Dye Cake?

To create this Rainbow Petal Cake for Meaghan
I combined one of my favorite decorating techniques with pastel rainbow colors.
I could just stare at these pretty colors all day.

Here is my palette of buttercream frosting.
I filled plastic decorating bags, then snipped off the ends.

To learn how to make this petal design (it's easier than it looks!),
go check out my tutorial here!

I wanted to make the inside of the cake a girly pink,
so I whipped up my favorite Strawberry Cake recipe.

Congratulations, Meaghan!

Here are all the awesome bloggers participating in the virtual baby shower...
Go see all their fabulous rainbow goodies!

1.  Vanilla Bean Baker - Baby's First Christmas
2.  Not Your Momma's Cookie - Rainbow Swaddled Baby Cookies
3.  Crazy for Crust - Rainbow Peanut Butter Cookie Cups
4.  Dollhouse Bake Shoppe - Rainbow Sprinkle Sugar Cookies
5.  Creative Food - Rainbow Pancakes
6.  Hoosier Homemade - Rainbow Jar Cupcakes
7.  Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons - Rainbow Smores Pops
8.  Pink Little Cake - Baby at the End of the Rainbow Cake
9.  Love From the Oven - Rainbow Cake Pop Cupcakes
10. Munchkin Munchies - Rainbow Balloon Cookies
11. The Baked Equation - Rainbow Baby Shower Cookies
12. Sweetology - Marshmallow Baby Pops
13. Sugar Swings - Rainbow Madeleines
14. Pint Sized Baker - Rainbow Meringue Tarts
15. Bird on a Cake - Rainbow Petal Cake
16. Haniela's - Rainbow Centerpiece
17. Miss Candiquik - Marshmallow Baby Bottles
 I share my recipes & tutorials at these fun link parties.

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